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I have not received the activation email in order to log in. What do I do?

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After completing my new account setup, the site stated it would send an activation email to my email address.  I have not received the activation email in my inbox and cannot complete the log in to the Yearli site.


Procedure 1: Check junk or bulk mail folders

Occasionally, email clients will filter the email as junk mail.  Please check your junk mail, bulk mail, or promotions folders to make sure the emails from Yearli are not being filtered into those.  We also recommend putting, and in your safe list.

Procedure 2: Contact internal IT Department

If you still haven't received your message and have checked your junk, bulk, and/or promotions folders, please contact the email provider or your internal IT department.  In some cases corporate email systems will filter the email as junk or spam and not deliver it to your inbox.  Your email provider or IT Department will be able to check the email server to see if the email was blocked at the corporate level.

Procedure 3: Email address is not valid

If the email address in the Yearli account is not valid, the email cannot be delivered.  A new account with a valid email address must be created.

Procedure 4: Contact Yearli Technical Support

Yearli Technical Support has the ability to resend the activation email that was sent.  Contact Yearli Technical Support to request the activation email be resent.


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