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Am I using the most current version of the 1095 and/or 1094 Excel import file?

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Am I using the most current Excel import template for my 1095 and/or 1094 form(s)?


Each Excel import template contains a version number on the Home tab.  This number will identify what version of the import file is being used.  Locate the chart below that corresponds to the form type you are importing.  The most current version of the Excel template will be listed in the first row of the chat.  Also included are the release date and a listing of any changes that are included in the new template file.

1095-C/1094-C Combined Excel Import File

Version Number Release DateChanges
Version 4.0December 2019Initial release of import template

1095-B Excel Import File

Version NumberRelease DateChanges
Version 5.0December 2019Initial release of import template

If you need to download a more current version of the 1095-B, 1095-C/1094-C template, you can do so by:

  1. Log into your Yearli account.
  2. Choose Start New Forms.
  3. Choose Import Data.
  4. Select the Yearli option.
  5. Select the 1095 form type needed.
  6. Select the Excel Template and Instructions link.


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