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What reports does the site offer and what do they do?

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What reporting options does Yearli offer?


Yearli offers a Detail Report and a Summary Report for your record keeping convenience.

Detail Report

This report provides a breakdown of every form currently entered for the payer in Forms in Progress.  The detail report is a .CSV formatted Excel spreadsheet that will separate each form by form type.  This report is commonly printed to review all data entered on the forms for possible data entry errors or to verify the data before submission.  The information displayed will include:

  • Totals for each form type
  • Box by box entires for each form
  • Recipient information for each form

Summary Report

This report summarizes each form currently entered for the payer in Forms in Progress.  The summary report is separated by form type, payer EIN, and the W-2 form employment type (if applicable).

Both reports are printable for your records only and cannot be filed with any government agency.  The detail and summary reports can be printed prior to the checkout process or after the forms are submitted.  For detailed steps on how to generate and print either of these reports, please see the How do I generate a report that summarizes my submissions? or How do I generate a report that shows all data I have entered? knowledgebase documents.


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